Dear Investors,

From the moment that Hydra first began about a decade ago, we have always aspired to be closely aligned with the singular vision of the leaders of our great Emirate. Their fortitude and inspiration has fueled the growth and development of Abu Dhabi. They have not only carved the path to excellence by realising strategic investments in infrastructure, transport, hospitality and e-government, they have enabled us to fulfill our mandate, strengthening our belief in Abu Dhabi's plans and the long-term vision.

Hydra is proud to be part of Abu Dhabi's story and we pledge to continue to contribute to its growth by being the foremost developers of comfortable living in the emirate. Our goal as we move forward is to continue to bring a wide range of opportunities to our customers, investors, partners, and the Abu Dhabi community, all with comfort, ease and family life at the heart of the concept.

With this goal in mind, we remain committed to delivering excellence and raising the bar with each of our projects and initiatives.


Ali Bin Sulayem

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)